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Looking for Langston


Looking, looking for Langston, looking:

went to the river but the river was cold

chilled my body but not my soul

looking, looking for Langston, looking.


Ohio River was deep and wide, trying to get over to the other side:

looking, looking for Langston, looking.


" I saw Langston down on the levee"

"I saw Langston heading for Chicago"

"I saw Langston lighting out for St. Louie"

looking, looking for Langston, looking.


Hear that voice riffing on the wind

Wind outta Kansas saying “My friend,

why you looking, looking for Langston? Looking?”

wind outta Harlem, wind outta Dakar, wind outta Paris riffing, “Homegirl, why you looking for Langston?”

“I saw Langston in the Hay Homes”

“I saw Langston over on the Southeast side”

“I saw Langston in Evergreen Terrace” Yeah!

“I saw Langston with the po’folks, no folks,

              underclass, no-counts, over-counts”

(Damn, Langston got more sightings than Elvis!)

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